About Us

Travel is in our blood, we love the change, excitement and the wonder that a new land can bring. Because we love it too we designed Three Wings.


The Three Wings travel system works on the principals of Recharge, Refuel and Renew.  

We then match each principal with premium New Zealand products that support the human body during travel.


We knew that to be true to these principals the products used would need to be as natural and as pure as possible.  So we went on a researching mission to New Zealand based companies and together we collected beautiful products that complimented each other, had zero side effects and minimised the body’s negative symptoms to travel. 


Then this happened….


Covid-19 has caused us to rethink our focus as an international travel product provider. The world’s borders have closed and long distance travel is on hold for many months, as countries try to stamp out this terrible virus. 

As businesses start to recover and people resume work and travel, we felt it was absolutely necessary to design products that will bring a feeling of safety and protection to your personal health and wellbeing.


We love the New Zealand companies we already work with and our focus is to keep supporting local businesses. 

So when you support us, you also support them. 

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