Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Hand Sanitiser Really Effective?

Yes it is. Our supplier Green Group Collective NZ provided the following information: The technology used in our Sanitiser has proven results in protection against a variety of pathogens including H1N1 (Swine Flu), Norovirus, E. Coli, MSA, Salmonella, even Ebola and COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The antimicrobial coating that is applied to your hands through a single application means our sanitiser physically bonds to the surface of your skin. This means that you can continue your normal daily activities including washing your hands and our sanitiser will continue to kill germs

Are The Filters In The Face Mask Reusable?

The Helix Filters filters should be replaced in the mask as often as possible to be most effective. They are capable of filtering 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size; it is also twice as easy to breathe through than standard masks.

Do You Sell Children’s Facemasks?

Yes please contact us with your requirements

I'm Pregnant, Can I Use Three Wings?

Absolutely, all our products are sourced in New Zealand and we have our suppliers promise that every one is pure and natural.

Can I Take Three Wings On The Plane?

You most certainly can. All products are airline compliant. Just pop on your mask, and put your Three Wings bag in your carry-on luggage and board

Can my children use Three Wings?

Three Wings can be used for the entire family.

The New Zealand businesses we work with believe that natural is best and we second that! There are specific products that have age restrictions

(please see the product list).

Do you deliver Three Wings Internationally?

Yes, we can! If you would like your pack delivered to an international address please contact us before you purchase to request this. There are some countries which will not allow our Manuka Honey products in, so send us a message and we can discuss this.

Will Alcohol Affect The Benefits Of Three Wings?

Flying at 30,000 feet and drinking alcohol will no doubt have a negative effect on your body. Our Lifehydrate product in your Three Wings Travel pack will help to counteract the dehydration that occurs when ingesting alcohol. However, Three Wings works best without alcohol

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