Needing to travel? Find your freedom at your home

Hi everyone, I was out walking around the block this morning (as you do in a lockdown) and I started wondering what things bring me the same feelings that I have when I travel.

That tingling feeling of wonder and freedom and the amazing freshness that my mind feels because I don’t recognise any of my surroundings.

I haven’t had the wonderful freedom of travelling as much as many of you possibly have, as I have always had people in my life that needed looking after, but now I am a bit older and less tied down; I want to just wander off somewhere.

Sounds a bit mad, but you know what I mean, just point to somewhere on the map and go.

Trees, beautiful, tall strong trees lifting their branches to the unending sky, reaching upwards. I realised today that I am always drawn to photograph beautiful trees because they give me a feeling and a sense of freedom when I gaze up into the sky through their branches, the same feeling I get when I leave the area I live in.

Whether worn, twisted and gnarled

Or tall, straight and strong they still makes me feel that if I could just reach that high, I too could experience that beautiful feeling of space and freedom,

Just like when I travel to a destination that I have never been to before.

As I walked today I thought about how some trees see many families come and go from their gardens they watch whole lifetimes go by and still they stand strong offering shade comfort and sheer beauty, and often, fruit as well. They clean our air and enrich our lives so much. They are always there when we go off travelling and still waiting when we return.

So, when you next venture out, turn your eyes skyward and take in and appreciate the majestic beauty of the trees as you pass. You never know, they may help you to feel the freedom as I do.

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