Prepare for your next flight & stop jet lag

So you’re heading away on a trip, but you’re not sure if you have everything you need?

You can’t handle another terrible travel experience, let alone the length of recovery time

you have to deal with when you arrive.

Now you don’t have to, because here is the solution.

Three Wings will help you to feel great when you arrive at your destination, without all

of those nasty jet lag symptoms.

First you must prepare for your upcoming flight.

Traveling at 30,000 ft causes chaos for your body, including high levels of radiation, dehydration, exhaustion and constipation. These symptoms can lead to much worse issues like DVT (Deep vein thrombosis), stroke or even death.

We have developed the perfect check list to make sure you are ready to fly

the Three Wings way.

1. Hydrate Like Crazy

For 3 days before you fly hydrate as much as you can. Drink 3 litres of water daily and try adding in an electrolyte powder or drink for more hydration.

2. Sleep and Rest

Sleep as much as possible including midday naps. The more sleep you can get the faster your body will recover. You can begin using ‘Sleepease’ essential oil in your Three Wings pack a few days before your flight. If you would like to read more about sleeping to beat jet lag have a read of this interesting article.

3. Get Your Jet lag Timing Right

Try to get your sleeping patterns as close to your destination time zone as possible. There are some great resources you can use to do this. Check out - This Jet Lag sleep Calculator

4. Delicious Food Stops Jet lag

Try to eat foods that are easily digestible like - Banana’s, Sweet potato, Kiwifruit, Eggs, Avocado. Try to stay away from big amounts of pasta, bread and dairy, 3 days before your flight. This will help stop constipation and tummy pains.

5. Stretch Your Body

Stretch your body, do some yoga or have a massage. If you get a massage make sure you do this for 3 days prior your flight because it will dehydrate your body.

6. Exercise And Move

Do exercise, go for a run, do a bootcamp or just take time to go for a swim. Your body collects toxins, so the more you can get rid of before you fly the better your recovery will be.

7. Moisturise Your Skin

Moisturise your skin, and we mean all of it! Including your hands! Use a nice thick moisturiser to hold in the water component. The more hydration you can start with the easier it will be to keep it there. Do this 3 days prior to flying.

8. Get Your Travel Pack

MOST IMPORTANT - Get your Three Wings Pack a week in advance so you can become familiar with the system and how it works. You can get your pack here

9. Pack Your Three Wings

Put your Three Wings Pack in your carry on luggage, follow the instructions inside your pack.

10. Travel Well

Have an amazing time and feel energized when you arrive!

For even more hints and tips on how to combat Jet lag have a read of this piece by The Flight Centre.

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