What is in

The Packs?

Our team has carefully developed Three Wings to share with you. Now you can have this stunning collection of
New Zealand made, natural, world class products which will protect you, your family, employees and guests

Choose the products that suit you

 Face Mask

Reusable Face Mask with 

HELIX.iso™ Filter Technology


New Zealand made and developed, reusable face mask with 99% filtration of particles, viruses and pathogens


Perfect for -

  • Employers - keep your team members safe and working

  • Employees - going back to work - needing protection from viruses and illness

  • Retirees and Grandparents - protection so you can join your community again, safely

Everything you need to stay virus free while you are out and about


Naturally keeping you and your family safe, while you work from home or at your place of business


Perfect if you are -

  • Working from home - those who want protection from viruses and other diseases

  • Parents - who want to keep their family safe from illness

  • Retirees and Grandparents - who want more protection from illness

Home Protection Pack

Hosting Airbnb, Motels, Hotels


Showcase premium New Zealand made products while giving your guests confidence in their stay


Perfect for -

  • Business Owners - who need to increase reservations

  • Business Owners - who want to set themselves apart from the competition 

  • Business Owners - who believe in customer retention and reputation

Guest Protection Pack


Domestic Travel - Land, Air, Sea


Virus and pathogen protection for people travelling domestically by land, air and sea


Perfect for -

  • Essential Frontline Workers - who must travel and health and wellbeing is paramount

  • Business Travellers - that must stay healthy and free of sickness 

  • Transportation Drivers - who must be alert and focused throughout their journey

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