Face Mask 

HELIX.iso™ Filter Technology

Quality and effectiveness is key,

99% filtration of particles is as close to perfect as you can get

Three Wings and Lanaco are working together to create one of the worlds most effective, daily use Face Masks. 


Using Lanaco’s world class HELIX.iso™ Filter Technology - an innovative natural wool filter, made in New Zealand, matched with our locally made soft and breathable cotton mask shell, we are able to offer you the best protection against harmful particles, pollution, bacteria and viruses. 

Protection outside your bubble

  • Lanaco have scientifically tested their HELIX.iso™ Filter Technology and not only have they found that it filters 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size it is also twice as easy to breathe through than standard masks


  • HELIX.iso™ Filter Technology has been chosen by NASA for critical life support in the next manned exploration to the moon and beyond

  • Single use wool filter - HELIX.iso™ Filter Technology, biodegradable and naturally resistant to bacteria growth -  See more here


  • Our design creates a snug seal around your face for exceptional protection

  • Proudly New Zealand Made - 100% cotton mask shell - New Zealand wool filter

What's Included?

Face Mask Shell

HELIX.iso™ Filter Media


Receive 2 x Adult sized masks

- 1 to wear and 1 to wash or

to give away


100% cotton shell to allow maximum ease in breathing

Snug fit to create a tight seal for exceptional protection

Fitted nose piece for extra comfort

Elasticated bands for the perfect fit

Hand or machine washable and reusable

Surgical masks (SP) The rectangular pleated blue or green ones that doctors use are very cheap and are designed to protect others from the exhaled breath of the wearer, and to protect the wearer from blood splatter etc, NOT 0.3 micron particles or virus particles.


Pack of 7 x HELIX.iso™ single use filters (Biodegradable)


The HELIX.iso™ filters 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size

Easy to breath through, low air flow resistance, superb breathability

Natural wool fibres attract toxic vapours, safely and permanently eliminate them from the air.


Naturally resistant to bacteria growth

Sustainable and better for our planet

Due to the product being hygiene-related, we cannot accept returns or exchanges

While our masks are not respirators or medical devices, they are designed to protect you and those around you by reducing the chance of exposure to droplets from breathing, speaking, coughing and sneezing.

Fit and replace the filters as often as needed. Contaminated filter elements must be disposed of in your rubbish or compost and should not be re-used, and the mask shell should be washed regularly. 


  • This face mask is not a medical device

  • This face mask is not PPE certified

  • The filter had been filtration tested in-house by Lanaco, but the face mask as a whole has not been tested

For more information please on the Lanaco HELIX.iso™ Filter Technology please click here

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