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Three Wings has accompanied travellers to many different countries including USA, UK, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Dubai

"After 26 hours of travel I felt so good when I arrived"

- Juliet, Travelled to USA


Juliet travelled for twenty six hours to the USA.  It was great to hear her report that she felt fabulous and normal when she landed.  This enabled her to immediately begin enjoying her holiday.  Juliet says that she will absolutely be taking Three Wings with on her next adventure.

/// Juliet, Travelled to USA

"It's really good, I'll use Three Wings on my next trip"

- Zander, Travelled to Philippines


Zander is an international sportsman and does a lot of travelling.  He used Three Wings on his recent trip to the Philippines  to play rugby.  He  was delighted to report that he had no jet-lag symptoms and was able to to participate in warm-ups and training without a problem within hours of arriving at his destination.  Three Wings will have a  place in Zander’s travel bag for future trips.

/// Zander, Travelled to Philippines

"I felt fresh as a daisy after two flights"

- Rod, Travelled to Japan


Rod recently travelled on two long distance flights to Japan for business.  He used Three Wings and was very happy to tell us that he arrived at his destination as fresh as a daisy, and perfectly able to attend business meetings soon after checking in to his hotel.  He is definitely going to use Three Wings for future travel.

/// Rod, Travelled to Japan

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