Travel Protection



For safer travel

Supporting your immune system and keeping you safe while you travel by land, air or sea.

Do you need to undertake essential domestic travel?

Are you travelling by land, air or sea?


We know that there is a feeling of concern for anyone who has to undertake essential travel right now. Land, sea or air doesn’t matter, your health and wellness is most important.

That is why we use only the best New Zealand made products and include them in this pack to give you protection from viruses, diseases and infections. 


Your health and wellness are paramount!

- Three Wings 

Be prepared, travel safer

What's Included?



Benefit: Both products have scientific backing, with 99% filtration of particles


Feature: Premium air filtration and anti-viral protection from Manuka honey to help protect against viruses and pathogens




Lanaco New Zealand -

Face mask with

HELIX.iso™ Filter Technology single use filters (Biodegradable)


Purity - Manuka honey lozenges (Real manuka honey)

Benefit: Both products are natural and scientifically proven to kill 99% of germs


Feature: 99% protection against surface based viruses and germs




Terra New Zealand - Antibacterial surface wipes (Recyclable & 100% natural) 

Green Group Collective - Natural Hand Sanitiser (Alcohol free, 150ml)


​Benefit: Decrease toxins in the body and encourage cell renewal 


Feature: Increase hydration and energy for long lasting alertness and strong immune system 



Whittakers - Dark Chocolate (Increase antioxidants decrease free radicals)

Life Hidrate on board drink system (Internal hydration)

Tom & Luke Natural Snackaballs (Nutritious and delicious - Contains Nuts)

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